Homemade whiskey and it's secrets

Whiskey is distinguished from other noble beverages by its long aging in oak barrels for whiskey. While a wide variety of crops and grains are suitable as raw materials, the process cycles must be rigorous and precise. Only then, after six months or more, you will get a fragrant, strong, distinctly malted alcoholic beverage as the Scots and the Irish used to consume it.

In addition to high-quality raw materials, you need a metal container for the mash, a distillation cube, and a thermometer to control the temperature regime. The thermometer is an indispensable element because you will have to bring the mash to a certain temperature, then cool it, keeping at each stage the exact time.

The malt is soaked and sprouted grain. In the case of Scottish whisky, it is certainly barley. For Irish, rye malt is added to barley malt. In Canada and the United States, corn and wheat are widely used. Malt is germinated on its own or bought at a specialty store. If for the malt only one type of grain is used then the whiskey is a single malt, if two types of grain are mixed then the whiskey is double malt.

How to define a quality of whiskey

The better the quality of the raw material, the better the drink will be. This also applies to water: to make your own whiskey at home it is better to take water from a spring or well, and pass it through a filter. Take yeast dry or fresh, there is no big difference.

Malt is crushed before use, to speed up the process of fermentation and fermentation. Sugar, necessary to activate the yeast, will be later released from the starchy substances, which are rich in the same malt.

The secret of homemade whiskey is a unique taste

The taste of homemade whisky is influenced by many parameters: the quality of the ingredients, the way the malt was obtained, and the timeliness of filtration. As well as the features of the barrel and the duration of aging. Scotch whiskey in the original production is aged for at least 3 years. It is a legal requirement. Until this time has passed, it is forbidden to call the drink “whiskey”. The most common aging period is 10 years.

The Scots have been making whiskey since the late fifteenth century. The main thing that distinguishes their technology is the pre-roasting of malt. The malt that has been dried and infused with a smoky aroma gives the scotch a peculiar taste. At the same time, the Scotchmen themselves use peat to dry the malt.

Only barley and barley malt are used for making Scottish whiskey. The whisky must be matured for three or more years in oak barrels according to the classical recipe.

The advantage of making single malt whisky at home is that you can fully recreate the technology of whisky production. There are 2 options here: use oak wood barrels and oak chips. The latter is used in glass containers as well. There is another advantage – without breaking the recipe, you can get Scottish whiskey in 1-2 months. How is it possible? It’s simple. The 10 or 20-liter container is used for maturing the spirits much faster than huge industrial vats. In the end, you have a young, fragrant, and delicious drink, which is 100% chemistry-free.

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