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Barrels for Moonshine

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The process of making aged moonshine has been passed down from parents to children. The distillation process is a step of its own, but the next step is blending the spirit. This is done by adding flavors to it and allowing it to age in big oak barrels. The blending and flavoring process go along together, as they are both essential elements of the finished product: aged moonshine in oak barrels.

The key question is what does make the moonshine taste and flavor?

Everybody who has an opportunity to drink the homemade moonshine, they are the winners. Smells like bread. Tastes like soggy bread on fire. Strong, ethanol nose, chemical taste. Peppery, super burny on the back of my throat. Sweet, then bitter. The answer is … casks made from oak wood.

The nose is sweet corn, very much in line with core moonshine product. The impact of our barrel is there, too, and the sweet corn is well complemented by caramel, vanilla, and oak. Even at this high proof, the nose manages to not be overly sharp and is still inviting. Sounds like wonder, isn’t it?

The entry for the beverage is sweet cornmeal, again very much in line with traditional base for moonshine product. The impact of the oak barrels aren’t far behind with vanilla, caramel, black pepper, and oak spice. As with the nose, the entry doesn’t completely reflect the level of alcohol present in mug and is shared on few levels of intensity. 

It is not a simple beverage, it is an art with our home crafted oak barrels.