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Oak barrel occupies one of the most honorable places among cooperage art products. Wooden casks due to their natural aroma and antiseptic properties create the best conditions for alcohol infusion, creation, and storage of unique bouquets.

Drinks of high quality, with an unforgettable taste and aroma, can be made by you right at home. In our assortment, you will find barrels of different volumes.

Our wood barrels are made from natural oak. Thanks to the micropores of the natural material, it contributes to the natural maturation of wines and spirits and allows the alcohol to breathe. The absorbing properties of wood reduce the content of oil in the original product, which makes home brandy and whiskey pleasant to the taste.

Oak casks made from natural wood, have a number of advantages over other materials:

  • Absolute naturalness, ecological purity, and absence of harmful chemicals in the composition. Such a barrel “breathes”, letting oxygen through the walls, which has a beneficial effect on the contents – whether it is alcohol or vegetables.
  • The ability to cook noble beverages at home. The wood can give the alcohol a milder taste, and a subtle pleasant aroma, it gets rid of harmful impurities and has a beneficial effect on its properties.
  • Long service life. Wood is a very strong and durable material that can be used for years or even decades.
  • Easy storage.

In addition, an oak barrel can be a great gift for a connoisseur who understands the difference between quality and mass-produced products.

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