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Tea. Sugar. Water. Time. Those are the ingredients you need to make the fermented tea drink that packs a big probiotic punch.

If you’re looking to improve your recipe or try something different than fruit flavorings, barrel brewing is the way to go. The process will naturally smoothen the taste and mellow the acetic acids. Most of all, it adds a complex woodsy/nutty flavor to your mix, along with vanillas and tannins that will make your “booch” taste great. When it comes to brewing Kombucha, there are a lot of vessel choices. But in almost all cases, what the vessel is made of will not affect the taste. However, when it comes to brewing in an Oak Wood Barrel, taste is one of the great advantages. The complex, rich layers of flavor that form in a well-fermented Oak Barrel for Kombucha brew are divine.

Some discoloration may also occur. That’s normal too. You could varnish the outside to keep it pristine looking, but you’d be altering the wood’s natural properties and impacting the fermentation process. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and that’s your precious kombucha.

You can choose any cask in our store of handmade oak kombucha barrels, depending on your goals.

The spigot is located on the side of the barrel just above the lower hoops. Kombucha barrel has medium char to release the flavors from the barrel in your brew. Bon appétit!