Small Oak Barrels

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Oak barrel 1.4L | Special Edition


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Oak Barrels 2 L | Special Edition

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Oak barrel 10L


Since ancient times noble drinks have been carefully stored in oak barrels to give them a refined and rich taste. They were used to salt, pickle, and soak fruits and vegetables, berries, and mushrooms to achieve a unique flavor. Today, wooden barrels are also used to decorate the interiors of private and public spaces, from rustic living rooms to trendy beer bars.

Oak barrels are made of excellent quality wood using the old cooperage technology, which guarantees reliability, exquisite structure, and unparalleled natural flavor of beverages. It doesn’t matter where you are going to keep your home whiskey, will it be a specialized room or a usual home cellar, a good-quality oak barrel will perfectly cope with the humidity and temperature changes, “saturate” the home spirits with bright aromas and noble amber color.

Small oak barrels are perfect for beginners who only start their journey into the world of homemade drinks, and are great for decorating the room and giving it a vintage look.

The degree of the firing of an oak barrel determines the final taste and color of the alcohol. Light firing is suitable for light drinks and gives a faint vanilla flavor. Medium is for structured and rich alcohol with a touch of caramel. Strong firing – for fortified wines, cognac, whiskey, or other strong drinks.

When making good-quality wooden barrels special attention is paid to their strength. Our products are not at risk of damage during transportation, because the products are made from the best wood with control at all stages of production, as well as time-tested packaging.