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Our oak brandy barrels are handmade, directly from the heart of Canada, with a light smell of Brampton.

In contrast to other spirits made from wine, a special distillation process is used to make the brandy. Two separate and completely different distillates (holandas and destilados) are used. Have you already imagined it for your homemade beverage?

If after reading about the wood casks you find yourself pondering “But what does brandy taste like?”, perhaps our experts can shed some light on this, too! A brandy vs. whiskey comparison is often a good place to start, simply due to the similarities that these liquors possess (distilling, aging, blending).

A well-made home-crafted brandy should be smooth, balanced, and fragrant. Our oak wood barrels will help with that. The true flavor of any brandy lies in the notes and tones that carry through from the chosen ingredients and wood casks that have slowly infused the distilled spirit during maturation.

“One of the favorite pastimes for you is setting up brandy tastings where family, friends, and colleagues can come together to share in the taste of the vast rum range,” – should you also think so, we can support you with wood oak barrels from our store.

Aging one brandy alongside another helps to amplify both flavor and scent.

Now you can start aging your new batch in authentic homemade brandy barrels. Now you can not only age your choice of liquor in the wood barrel, but you can flavor it too. Feel free with your ideas and start!