Vinegar Barrels

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According to ancient traditions, were vinegars usually aged in Canadian oak barrels used for rye whiskey production. 

For example, toasted oak barrels are ideal for red wine vinegar from our craft store. The process is simple and takes only minutes to get started. Once your vinegar mother is cultured and producing, it will continue to provide you with fresh homemade vinegar for as long as you provide it with wine and water. 

For those interested in the kitchen essential white vinegar, our un-toasted oak barrels will absolutely do the trick. Begin with a untoasted vinegar barrel and a white wine Mother of Vinegar culture to convert your leftover white wines into astonishingly flavorful white wine vinegar that will add a zing and liveliness to your cooking. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment! We will support you with any ideas.

You can make all kinds of specialty vinegar from all kinds of different wines! Malt Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, and the list goes on with our oak wooden barrels

And remember, longer is better. Due to this fact, oak wood is the best material to protect fermentation processes for a long time. Although you’ll have a ready-to-use vinegar in 3 to 6 months, the best flavors come out at about the 1-year point.

Barrel aging gives vinegar a mellower flavor profile but does not impart a particularly woody or whiskey flavor.

So feel free to try! Our store is happy to produce you with the best-handcrafted oak vinegar barrels for your best homemade beverages!