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New American oak barrels are a popular choice as they give master blenders autonomy over the flavoring process. And we offer them to you. It is also common to use wood casks that once held other liquors, as the oak wood then offers notes of the previous flavors to the rum.

This is where we keep the oak rum barrel for you but instead of just preparing it with water we prepare it with the oak and vanilla oils flavor. This adds some great flavor for rum you want to age in the wood barrel. It also allows you to try a flavor you have never tried before.

The wood barrels from our store are ready to use, right out of the box. Just pour your liquor in and start aging. If you are making a batch of flavored rum using our bootleg it tastes better when you can age it in a flavor-infused rum barrel since it will pull the flavors in from the oak wood.

You may want to age something else in your pre-cured rum barrel. Have you ever tasted tequila, whiskey, or scotch aged in a pre-cured rum barrel? If not then you should give it a try. 

As for cask sizes, professional-grade barrels can range anywhere from 1 liter to 225 liters in capacity. Moral of the story: there’s no such thing as too much rum!

This will eliminate the need for you to cure the oak barrel when you receive it. All you do is pour your liquor in and let the aging begin. Not to mention it keeps your liquor from soaking into the barrel since ours has already covered it.