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Around the world, distillers agree that oak is the best wood for aging whiskey. Oak is the most commonly used wood for barrel making. Why? Flavor. Oak is full of compounds that evoke that classic whiskey flavor. Feel caramel, vanilla, toasted almond, coconut, maple syrup, and baking spice. Amazing!

Interestingly, European oak can be drier— think toasted almonds and nutmeg along with vanilla and toffee. However, American oak tends to be sweet and spicy, giving whiskey flavors like coconut, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

The majority of Scotch whisky is matured in bourbon barrels (also known as ‘traditional’ whisky casks). They are perfectly suited to maturing scotch whisky due to their ready availability and affordability. Furthermore, the bourbon that they previously held for 2-3 years softens the oak, ensuring a smoother and more subtle whisky.

Our wood barrels are the ideal choice because of their many signature traits like strength, durability,liquid-tightness, and coopering suitability. A large volume of medullary rays in the barrel wood contributes to the extra strength.

Among the range of wood barrels for whiskey, consisting of 18 items, there are different types of barrels like Hogshead (225 liters/59.4 gallons), which is made by taking part ex-bourbon barrels to create one bigger cask. The Scotch whisky industry often prefers larger casks for aging as this allows more whisky to be aged in the warehouse, american standard barrels (200 liters/53 gallons) are commonly used, Quarter Casks (50 liters/13 gallons) and blood tubs (40 liters/10.5 gallons), etc.