How to store and maintain oak barrel?

Oak barrels are ideal for storing a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, but these vessels have one feature. In order for them to retain the taste and aroma of wine or cognac, it is necessary to keep them constantly filled. But what to do in the off-season when the tank is empty and there is simply nothing to fill it with? If you are faced with a similar situation, we suggest using the tips below.

What to do with the barrel after use?

As soon as the drink stored in the tank comes to an end, it is advisable to immediately thoroughly wash the container with clean drinking water. After that, prepare a solution of soda ash (about 2 grams of this disinfectant per liter of boiling water) and scald the barrel thoroughly. Such an insignificant concentration of soda will not cause any harm, but it will remove all extraneous odors.

If immediately after this filling of the container is not provided, we perform the following actions:

  • thoroughly wash the barrel again with clean cold water to remove even the smallest traces of the soda solution;
  • we send the barrel for storage in any ventilated room – in a barn, utility room or summer kitchen.

In this case, it is advisable to place it on a specially prepared flooring made of boards in order to exclude the appearance of mold due to contact with damp earth.

Do not store the wooden barrel near a heating device, in direct sunlight, or near strong-smelling substances. Also, do not store the barrel filled with water.

Never wrap the tank in a plastic bag, as many internet sites advise. The thing is that when the temperature drops on the inner surface of such a “package”, condensation will surely appear, which will cause dampness, the appearance of mold and fungi. Follow our advice and the barrel will be in perfect condition for the new season.