Oak Barrel as a surprising gift for Christmas

HO HO HO! The Christmas is coming and the time to give a gifts. Many gifts already become boring, not interesting and useless. Right now it is hard to surprise your family and friends with unusual gift on this wonderful winter holiday. People often text us for help in choosing a gift.

An original, useful and high-quality gift can be an oak barrel, because the gift should be symbolic and useful at the same time.

What are uses of oak barrels?

That is why the popularity of the barrel as a gift increase. An oak barrel is a great gift for the Christmas. Handmade oak barrels are ideal as a gift or for personal use. After all, to discover a new world of homemade drinks aging, you should start with using oak barrels.

You can buy as a gift an oak barrels for wine, cognac, whiskey, beer, as well as barrels for pickles, small barrels for honey and storage of other products.

Do you want to pamper your loved ones with pickles all year round? Forget about glass jars! The most delicious pickles are obtained only in Oak barrels! Benefits of pickles from an oak barrel: heat and light insulation, unique taste of the pickles, durability of barrels, ecological product and its safety. Pickles from an oak barrel are crispy, aromatic, and delicious.

Earlier almost everyone used a oak barrels as containers for various needs. However, nowadays you rarely see them, and the cooper’s craft is considered to be obsolete. And it’s in vain – the oak cask was, remains and will be for a long time that wooden container “with a soul”, which professionals and amateurs usually trust to store the best high-quality and environmentally friendly products – wine, cognac, whiskey, brandy and other drinks, as well as honey, pickles and much more.

Encourage your family member by making homemade wine or pickles!

Who will not enjoy an oak barrel with real homemade (or draft) wine or cognac as a gift from loved ones? An oak barrel will perfectly fit into any interior and decorate your Christmas table. The oak barrel will remind of you for a long time. You can also make this barrel even more personal by ordering any engraving inscription on it. Such a gift will seem original even to those who is difficult to surprise with gifts.

However, it is not necessary to give barrel for alcohol or pickles – you can give an oak barrel of honey, jam or candied berries. Present an oak barrel of honey to your beloved  mother or grandmother. People of the older generation will like such gift very much.

Cooperage products opens up a lot of room for imagination to everyone who cannot think of what to give a dear person for a Christmas. Because these days cooperage products are very rare.

We guarantee quality and give a guarantee for all oak barrels, not only to the buyer, but also to the one who received the barrel as a gift. If you have any questions or you need help with choosing a perfect barrels for your loved ones feel free to text us.

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